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Exeter Vehicle Tracking is available at our Exeter Private Investigators and we are always happy to hear from anyone including corporate clients who have a need of GPS vehicle tracking.

If you are from a company who uses fleet cars and are worried that your employees are misusing them out of work hours our Exeter Vehicle Tracking service can help you gain peace of mind

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Exeter Vehicle Tracking

Exeter Private Investigators were contacted by a woman who had been recently spotted a difference in her son's behaviour. She informed us that her son had been returning home from college later and later, some night he did not even bother coming home altogether which had made our client severely worried and it had caused her to stop sleeping through the night. Her performance at work had become poor due to the lack of sleep as she had begun to find it very hard to focus on any form of work. Whenever she would confront her son they would end up getting into a huge argument and it would then causes a huge strain on their relationship. Our client had, had enough of not know what her son was doing and wanted something to get done to save her relationship with her son before it was too late and her son stopped talking to her all together.

Vehicle Tracking in Exeter

Our agents told the client that we could help her by installing a tracer on the client's son's car to track where he was going so we would then be able to give our client the answers that she desperately needed to be able to sleep at night. We explained to the client that one of our operatives would go and install the tracker onto the son's car in the middle of the night when a huge percentage of people are asleep so that the operative can be as discrete as possible to avoid getting caught. The client had told us that she felt relieved that we were able to help her so quickly as she had been scared that she would loses her job due to the poor performance she had been showing. Then once we had made sure that our client understood all the costs and all our terms and conditions involved in the investigation we were able to begin.

Once our investigation had come to an end and we had been monitoring our client for two weeks we had found out that the client's son had been going to his friend's house after college where they would then drive around for hours to then come home at unearthly hours in the morning. This had annoyed our client as it meant that her son was just dossing around not doing any of his school work and wasting time, money and petrol. The client thanked us for our help as we were able to give her the answers that she needed to be able to stop worrying as she knew exactly what her son was doing. By knowing this information it allowed our client to be able to move on and get on in life and also at work so she then was able to do her work properly without the risk of being fired. When she did confront her son she gave him an ultimatum to either stop going out on week days or he world have to move out. The client's son had a big shook from his mother and decided to be more responsible and get on with his work.