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Its always a wonder if you can find out someone who is missing from a huge span of time, at Private Investigator Exeter our trained investigators are always looking forward to help you in investigating for your missing person or persons , so join hands with us and let's find them out !

We have been providing this service for many years, till now we remained successful in finding out missing links for people , who can be their parents , children or other relatives but went apart due to adaption or else , so now you can have a real family reunite with our help.

Exeter Missing Persons

A client of Exeter Private Investigators is a semi happy man who needs to find his wife's birth mother. The client's wife has been stressed and desperately searching in the wrong places for her mother, she doesn't want her husband to help her however it all seems to be making her ill and the client has had enough. The client has the woman's full name, date of birth and a previously known address. The client wants to find her and invite her over for a surprise meet and greet with her daughter, the client is slightly scared of finding his wife's mother to then make her angry because she didn't find her on her own. The client's wife could be more of an optimist on the situation and believe that she can find her mother; all she needs to do was stop, slow down and look at all the different options available.

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Missing Persons in Exeter

We told the client that we would be able to set up an investigation into the client's wife's mother. The information given to us would make the investigation easier and quicker. We could do a week or two week investigation where are highly trained and skilled operatives would be able to investigate into this woman's contact details and her current location. When and if we found the details a full report would be written and sent to the client explaining what happened during the one week investigation. We cannot make it a definite thing that we find what the client wants because in some cases it does not even exist however if the information is there for us to find we will find it, however the investigation ends up all scenarios will be posted in a detailed report we send. The client understood this completely and was OK to continue.

The client was so relieved to finally have a solution for his wife. The client went for a single week's investigation because he believed to find a location and contact details he would not need to have two weeks, but if he needs another weeks investigation he can ask for one and we will continue are investigation. We took the information that the client had given us and started are investigation into the subject. We were able to find contact details and a current address of the woman in question. The client took this information and showed his wife the details; his wife began to cry in happiness and was so thankful. They decided to phone her together and invite her over for dinner for a long deserved catch up. The client's wife's mother accepted the invite and went round for dinner, at dinner the client's wife and her mother became really close, then the difficult question of why she lefty the client's wife so long ago when she was twelve. The client's wife's mother admitted to being addicted to drugs and choosing them over her child, having been clean for fifteen year she was to ashamed to go home.