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Asset tracing is a difficult endeavor, which requires a thorough and meticulous research, and that's why it should be left to a professional, just like the ones at Exeter Private Detective agency. Our private investigators are very experiences, with many cases in their portfolio that involve some form of asset tracing.

Performing an asset trace is demanding job, and one of the best decisions anyone can make is to hire Private Investigator Exeter agency and let it handle their case. Our agency specializes in asset tracing, among many other services, and the clients can rest assured that out private investigators will find out every bit information available regarding the assets.

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Our team assists numerous clients in identifying as well as tracing countless financial assets. We can provide a service that covers many jurisdictions and even several offshore locations. We can help clients recover and trace lost assets as well as those who are dealing with fraud. We provide multi jurisdictional investigators and highly trained lawyers, accountants as well as a team of experienced asset tracing experts. Our investigations are extremely thorough and well planned. Our very knowledgeable consultants work very close with our clients to achieve a completely successful outcome, making sure that our clients get everything they have asked of us.��Our team of specialist and experienced personnel are extensively trained in recovering lost assets and investigating fraud case with excellent investigating techniques. Our company has excellent connection that provide extremely valuable information on numerous cases related to Asset Tracking for both individual and company level cases.

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The company received a phone call from a man who wanted to know what assets of his parents had belonged to his grandfather as his parents had always been very vague as to what actually belonged to them and what they had been given from when his grandfather had passed away. Our client had explained to us that he had gotten into huge fights with his parents whenever the subjected had been brought up and he felt as if they were hiding something from him. This had annoyed our client and he just wanted the truth once and for all as he had been so stressed about everything he had been losing out on sleep. This had caused a huge problem with our client as he had begun to annoy the whole of his family by bringing up memories about his late grandfather which everyone wanted to forget as his grandfather had been horrible to many people and caused a lot of upset.

After we had finished our consultation with our client we were then able to suggest to him that we could run an asset trace on both the client's parents and his late grandfather to figure out who owns what. We told the client that we would look through the public domain, social networking sites and internet biased databases to search for assets belonging to his family members. Once the client was told all of the costs and term and conditions involved with the job and our client agreed with them all we were then ale to begin the investigation. When we had finished the task at hand we had found out that the client's parents owned nothing and it was all given to them by the client's grandfather. As no one in his family apart from his mum and dad had seen him twenty years prior to his death so they had no idea that he owned as much as he did. When our client told everyone there was huge outrage as they had received nothing.