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Private Investigator Exeter are well known for their success rate in fraud related investigations. Anyone can get affected from fraud done by selfish and greedy individuals, this service suits to both business firms and individual who believe that they have been looted by fraud.

Our private investigators are fully capable of doing any kind of fraud investigation which includes dating fraud and blackmailing. Such investigations can reveal the person, plot and motive behind this heinous act. It can make you life more secure by exposing your enemies or people who did fraudulent act against you.

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Exeter Fraud Investigations

A client of Exeter Private Investigators is a CEO of a company who wants to know whether or not an employee is claiming benefit fraud. The client first suspected that one of their employees were claiming to be sick to get sick benefits, when a routine check was carried out it seemed that this employee had an abnormal amount of time off for being sick, these timings seemed to have a pattern. Every two weeks the employee had sick time, the client's employee has valid doctor's notes to prove he was sick on the days he had time off for but the client does not believe that they are all real. The employee is currently approaching an operation date and the client wants to know whether or not if the operation is actually going to happen, the client doesn't want to be harsh to the employee just encase he is truly ill.

Fraud Investigations in Exeter

We told the client that we would be able to set up a single period of six hour surveillance with one or two of are highly trained operatives the higher amount of operatives makes a greater chance of not losing the subject. This surveillance would result in knowing where the client's employee was and what he was spending his time doing, it would include photographic and video proof of what the employee was doing to actually see if he was ill. This evidence would be submersible in court, so if anything is found on the employee the client can prove it, without fail and he can even go to court with it. At the end of the surveillance the client will know the answer to his question, he will know if the employee is sick or if he is trying to con the company out of a lot of money.

It was discovered that the individuals primary motivation for this unfair dismissal was so that the woman that he was conducting an a affair with would be able to work nearer to him and so make it easier to conceal their relationship. Following the investigation the employer and his intentions regarding the client were reported and he has been heavily fined and is facing dismissal from his position as a result of his breach of trust and authority.