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A client of Exeter Private Investigators is a worrying husband who wants to know whether his wife is having an affair. The client first suspected that his wife was cheating as she never really comes home from work till he was asleep because it was rather late, and she has no shift that late. They never spent time together, both being doctors makes it hard with their hectic schedule to actually have a relationship, their sex life has lowered dramatically and they have seen concealing to get the fire started again however it just is not there. The client was talking to a work colleague who shouldn't have known certain details about his home, like the family photos in the living room and the colour of the paint on the walls. The client has never invited anyone from work into their home and his wife said that she hadn't invited anyone in.

Private Investigations in Exeter

We told the client that we could set up a single period of six hour surveillance with one or two of are highly trained operatives, the higher amount of operatives makes a greater chance of not losing the subject. This surveillance would result in knowing where the client's wife was and who he was spending her time with including photographic and video evidence. There is no certainty that the client's wife is doing anything but if she was we would be able to catch her out. Cheats and liars are creatures of habit, as soon as they become comfortable with what they're doing in a certain place they will continue to do what they are doing and feel like it is totally fine. Catching them is the only way to sort out the problem and stop the client's wife from feeling like it is ok to be a cheating spouse.

The client was thrilled to have the chance at catching his disloyal wife whilst in the act. The client chose one of our highly trained operatives to follow his wife for the of the six hour surveillance but wanted two periods of six hours instead, on after the other. The surveillance began when the client was followed from work; she went to the gym and stayed for an hour and forty-five minute class. After the gym the subject went into their house, got dressed up and left in the car. Following her she stopped at a very nice restaurant in which she stayed for dinner with a man, they seemed to be having a very intimate dinner. After the meal they got into his car, they went back to his place where they stayed for an hour or so, at the end he dropped her off at home. The report, video and photographic evidence were sent to the client, when he received them he was outraged but not surprised. He told his wife he wanted a divorce because she was cheating, taken to court his wife had no chance of winning their court case as the client had strong evidence.